How to FTP a File in your Web Server

In this article, I’m going to show you different ways to upload a file to your hosting/ website. This is useful if the file that you want to upload is bigger than the allowed size (it varies depending on the host configuration).

Upload a file using File Manager in cPanel

1.On your Cpanel, navigate to Files > File Manager.

2.Navigate to the public_html folder or through the subfolders and click on upload button.

3.On the upload window, drag and drop the file that you want to upload.

3.Validate the uploaded file by loading it on your browser.

If you uploaded it on your public_html folder then it would be on your http://domain/[filename].

In this example, since my domain is http://devgruezo.comand the uploaded file is hand-2111445_1920.jpg then the address of the file would be

If I upload it inside a folder (image for example) then the url of the file would be

Upload a file using an FTP client (Filezilla)

This method is very similar to the first example but the difference is you’re using an application on your local machine instead of the host. I like to use this method because I do a lot of custom development and coding and I can do quick changes with this method.

1. Navigate to filezilla website and install the ftp application. (

2. Navigate to File> Site Manager…

3. Click on “New Site” button and fill-up the ftp information.

The information is usually, provided by hosting provider but if you don’t know the details you can simply follow this steps to create a new ftp account.

4. Click on “Connect” button.

5. Upload the file on your server.

There will be two windows on filezilla, the one on the left is your local folder and the one on the right is the folder on your server.  So first is you need to navigate to the folder where the file is located on your local machine then on the right side navigate to the folder where you want to upload it. (by default, you should already be on your public_html folder but if not just simple navigate on it)

6.Validate the uploaded file.

Similar to the example above, just go to the domain and add “/” and the name of the file.

How to create an FTP Account

In this sub-tutorial, I’m going to show you how to create a new FTP account if you no longer know the credentials that your hosting sent you when you first registered/bought your hosting plan.

1. On your cPanel, navigate to Files > FTP Accounts.

2.Fillup the form on the “Add FTP Account” section and click on “Create FTP Account” button.

Note: Make sure to input the correct directory or simply leave it blank to have access to the whole server.

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