How to manually Setup a WordPress website

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to setup WordPress manually if the one-click install is not available on your hosting / cPanel.  The assumption is you already pointed your domain to your hosting, if you haven’t dont yet you can check my guide on how to install WordPress with cPanel.

Create a Database and User for your WordPress

WordPress requires a database where you can save all your data and posts.

1. On the cPANEL, navigate to Databases and click on MySQL Databases.

2. Next, fillup the field and click on the “Create Database” button.

3. Create a new database user.

Fill-up the form on the “MySQL User” section of the page and click on the “Create User” button.

4. Assign the user to the newly created database.

On the “Add Users To Database” section of the page, select the newly created user and match is with the new database then click on the “Add” button.

Upload all WordPress files on your Hosting

1. Navigate to and download the latest version of W

2. On the cPANEL, navigate to Files and click on File Manager.

3. On the File Manager window, navigate to the website path (If you’re using the primary domain, just navigate to public_html .

4. Upload the WordPress file that you just downloaded on website.

Click on the “Upload” button then drag and drop the wordpress zip file to the new window.

5. Navigate back to the FTP Window and extract the file that you just uploaded.

6. Drag all the extracted files oustide wordpress folder.

Configure your WordPress Website

Now that all files that is needed for WordPress are uploaded on your host, the next step is to configure your website.

1. Navigate to the domain that you want to your domain and select the language of your website.

2. Fillup the form with the database and user that you created earlier and click on submit.

Make sure to use a more secure password, the example above is just used to simplify everything.

3. Click on the “Run Install” button.

4. Fill-up the necessary website information and click on “Install WordPress” button.

5. Success! you can now login to your newley installed WordPress website.

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