How to create a custom email in Cpanel

In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to create a custom email that is connected to your domain.
In this example, my domain is and I create a “” as my custom email.

Setup your custom email in cPanel

1. On your cPanel, navigate to Email > Email Accounts.

2. Fill-up the email details on the “Add Email Account” section of the page and click on create account button.

3. Login to your new email account.

On the the “Email Accounts” expand the More button and click on Access Webmail.

4. On the new window, select webmail application that you would like to use. (any would do)

4. That’s it! you can now read or send emails using the account that you just created.

Forward all emails to your personal email (Optional)

This will automatically, foward / send incoming emails to the specified email. You can forward all of them to your primary/ personal email so you don’t need to login to your account every time just to check if you recieved any emails.

1. On your cPanel, navigate to Email >Forwarders.

2. On the Forwarders screen, click on “Add Forwarder” button .

2. Fillup the forwarding information and click on “Add Forwarder” button .